About Us

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ is a youth driven struggle to bring positive change in society and create a leadership for future. Committed to India’s constitutional values, its multicultural pluralism and the principle of unity in diversity, we believe in justice, equal opportunity, social harmony and economic prosperity.

Under the guidance of youth leader Anupam, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ has emerged as the biggest and most credible voice against unemployment. In a very short time span, our central slogan of ‘Padhai Kamai Dawai’ has impacted the political discourse of India. Led by a pool of idealist and dynamic young leaders, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ is known for its solution oriented campaigns to positively influence public narrative and government policies.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ acknowledges the threat to the country from an authoritarian regime hell-bent on destroying democratic institutions, syncretic social fabric and our economy. We believe that successive governments and political parties have failed our country due to their sheer incompetence and insensitivity.

It is our understanding that the present regime thrives on regressive and divisive issues. So the real battle today is to shift the battleground and hold governments accountable on real issues of public concern. With the help of well meaning Indian citizens, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ has been trying its best to shift the political battleground onto the futuristic and progressive agenda of Padhai, Kamai, Dawai.

These are critical times when India is witnessing one of the most challenging phases in our modern history. The vision will remain incomplete without the blessings, support and participation of our fellow citizens. We, therefore, appeal all Indians to be a partner and sympathizer in this historic journey of nation building.

Let us all contribute in making this world a better place to live.


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