Petition to the Government of India : जॉब चाहिए, जुमला नहीं!

We want jobs, not Jumlas!  जॉब चाहिए, जुमला नहीं!

India faces a serious crisis of unemployment today. The youth unemployment rate is alarmingly high at 16%, a twenty year high. While the job-aspiring unemployed youth is agitating on roads, government seems insensitive and unresponsive to their simmering anger.

#YuvaHallaBol is not just pointing out to the flaws and failures of the government but is proposing solutions to address the crisis. We have documented a well-researched proposal to the issue of unemployment and are demanding the government to implement it. Please go through our demands and support the movement by sharing it widely.


We demand (read details below or HERE) :

  • All the vacancies in the government and public sector be immediately filled
  • The government must create more jobs in all sectors as per the ideal requirement
  • Implement a Fair Exam Code to ensure that every recruitment process is completed within 9 months
  • Ensure Fair Selection by ending the present regime of paper leaks, delays and corruption in the recruitment process

Please sign the online PETITION, share widely and help take this fight against the unjust unemployment crisis to a meaningful conclusion! This cannot happen without all the voices uniting to bring about a change in the system, to reform the government recruitment process and create Job Opportunities!