Hum Desh Nahin Bikne Denge

‘Hum Desh Nahin Bikne Denge’ campaign has been lauched to oppose the policy to hand over profit-making Government undertakings to private hands for political gains.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ has launched a campaign against the policy of handing over decades of blood and sweat and hard earned national wealth, public undertakings and banks to some big capitalists by selling them.
It has become clear from the policy and intention of the government that there is a preparation to hand over our national wealth and every institution that makes the country self-reliant to their ‘capitalist friends’. That’s why the time has come for everyone to unite and say we will not allow this country to be sold (हम देश नहीं बिकने देंगे ).

The unfortunate thing is that Prime Minister Modi had come to power with the slogan “Main Desh Nahi Bikne Doonga”But he is hell bent to do the opposite. The onus to save the country is on the shoulders of youths of this nation.