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You can become a member and mark the relevant column in the membership form if you want to volunteer for the movement. You can choose and let us know how exactly would you like to contribute and work. ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ will reach out to you and integrate you with the organisation and our campaigns. If you do not hear a word from us within a week, you can email us, contact our helpline or any of our leaders.

No. ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ is neither a political party, nor is it affiliated to any political party. It is completely independent from any party and all decisions are taken by ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ leadership. It is a pro-youth movement and a progressive organisation focussed on futuristic issues concerning India. However various parties and political leaders of different parties as well as advocacy groups often extend support or participate in our campaigns.

Idealist and energetic youth from across the country, activists, teachers, lawyers and professionals committed to build a better India participate in various leadership teams of ‘Yuva Halla Bol’. Led by a dynamic team of National Office Bearers, a seventy member National Council along with various state teams guide our activities and organisation. Dedicated task forces on issues of employment, education, economy, environment, institutional independence, healthcare etc guide the campaign teams and our political leadership. ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ believes that there is a leadership vacuum at all levels in the country today and one of our responsibility is to fill the void by identifying and creating an idealist pool of energetic leadership.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ originated out of a nationwide agitation for job opportunities and fair selection in government recruitment. The movement gradually expanded its ambit by taking up futuristic issues concerning the youth of India. Today, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ has given the slogan of ‘Padhai Kamai Dawai’ and is fighting for equal opportunity, social harmony and economic prosperity. Committed to India’s constitutional values and the principle of Unity in Diversity, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ is vocal on all sorts of injustices. Issues like education, employment, economy, environment, healthcare, institutional independence, etc are a matter of focus area for us. We see the job crisis in India as one of the most serious problems facing the country today. Therefore, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ continues to work on solution oriented campaigns to address this crisis and pressurise the government and policymakers to act on it.