About Us

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‘Yuva Halla Bol’ is a youth-driven movement to bring positive change in the society and create a leadership for future. Committed to India’s constitutional values, it’s multicultural pluralism and the principle of unity in diversity, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ will work to build an India of justice, equal opportunity, social harmony and economic prosperity.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ acknowledges the threat to the country from an authoritarian regime hell-bent on destroying institutions, syncretic social fabric and our economy. Successive governments and political parties have failed the country due to their sheer incompetence and insensitivity.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ understands that the present regime thrives on divisive issues. So the real battle is to shift the battleground and hold the government accountable on real issues of public concern. To start with, ‘Yuva Halla Bol’ has identified the five critical sectors of education, employment, economy, environment and healthcare as focus areas. The movement will work to build a solution-oriented campaign to influence public narrative and government policies.

‘Yuva Halla Bol’ appeals to all Indians to be a partner in this journey of nation building.